The idea of having to spend the next few weeks shut away in your room revising can become very overwhelming. It can be very easy to get stressed about how much work you have to do, but it’s so important to put your mental health first.

To help support your wellbeing the library offers the following:

Breaks for squash and biscuits

Having regular breaks is important! Join us for free squash, biscuits and fruit every Tuesday and Thursday this term at 3pm, starting on 1st May. We’ll be on the terrace in good weather or just outside the library entrance if it’s raining.

Wellbeing books

The library has a great Welfare collection, with books that offer general advice about maintaining good mental health and dealing with anxiety. You can find them on the lower ground floor and they can be borrowed anonymously for as long as you need them.:animal-3334181_640.jpg

Relaxing films and books

Make some time to relax. Working constantly isn’t productive: when you’re tired and stressed, you can’t take information in. Why not borrow one of our DVDS (2nd floor) or a good book to help you relax?

Study and exam skills

We have lots of books to help you develop your study and exam skills. Find them on the 1st floor (371).

Useful links

Student wellbeing Tips on dealing with exam stress.

Student Minds Resources on dealing with exam stress.

Cambridge University exams Information relating to exams at Cambridge.

College guide to exams Exams advice and information on additional quiet study space.

Good luck!

We wish you the best of luck with your exams. If you have any feedback or suggestions on the kind of support you’d like to see around exams in future please get in touch with us.