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End of Term and Summer Arrangements — 14/06/2017

End of Term and Summer Arrangements

It is almost the end of Easter term and we have some important updates from the Jerwood Library!

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End of term book recall

All books and DVDs on term-time loan from the Jerwood Library are due back tomorrow on Thursday 15th of June and cannot be renewed. If you want to keep the books for the Long Vacation please bring them to the Jerwood Library and Dominique or Sophie can reissue the books to you for the summer. However, students who are graduating on the 29th of June may not borrow books after the end of term.

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Vacation loans

Vacation loans have now started! You may borrow up to 10 books and 4 DVDs for the Long Vacation. All books and DVDs on vacation loan will be due back on the 5th of October, which is the first Thursday of Michaelmas term.

Library overdue charges

Jerwood Library overdue books will accrue charges of 50p per day per book. If you have accrued any Library overdue charges during the Easter term then they will be added to your College bill. You can check your outstanding charges by logging into your Library account on iDiscover, using the barcode number on the back of your University card (starting with ‘V…’).

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Missing books

If you find that you have books from the Library that are not on loan to your account, please return them to the Jerwood Library book drop box. We are missing a large number of books and would much rather buy new books for the Jerwood Library rather than have to waste money replacing ‘lost’ items.

Vacation opening times

The Jerwood Library will remain open 24/7 during the Long Vacation with university card access. The library staff will work from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and we are happy to assist if you need any help.

Important summer arrangements

Summer books

Library staff will commence clearing and sorting the Jerwood Library on Monday 19th of June 2017. If you have completed your revision please make sure you have collected all of your personal belongings from the Jerwood Library before this time. Any items left in the Library will be placed in the lost property box by the main door. Any books that remain in the Jerwood from other Cambridge Libraries will be collected and placed on the tables on the Lower Ground Floor.

If you wish to continue working in the Jerwood Library beyond the end of term, please use the Library Reservation Slips on any books being used and clearly label your belongings with your name and the current date.

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The book stock in the Jerwood Library will be reorganised during the Long Vacation. The library staff apologise in advance for any noise and disruption during this period. We will notify you of any further disruption during the summer vacation via posters and emails.

Finally, many Congratulations to everyone who has finished their exams and successfully completed another academic year at Trinity Hall. We wish all of our graduating students the very best of luck for the future and we hope that you all have a great summer.

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Easter Term Updates — 26/04/2017

Easter Term Updates

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a good break and that you are ready and raring to go!

As we prepare for a busy term ahead we have introduced a couple of changes to make the Jerwood Library a more comfortable and pleasant environment for you to study and revise in.


Hot desks 2017

In Easter term it is more important than ever that everyone has a chance to use the library when they need to and we want to take the stress out of this as much as possible. As such colonising or unfairly reserving places in the library when you are not there is not ok.

The HOT DESKS policy is a way to help keep desks available for everyone. It means that every weekday morning all items that have been left on desks will be cleared, including: papers, books (even Jerwood books) and laptops.

Each floor has a designated place where we carefully pile these items, these spots have signs saying ‘Papers and Books’ and/or ‘Bags’.

We will unplug laptops to move them.  You can still reserve Jerwood books in the library using the Reservation Slip, but the books will be moved over to the allocated spot.

While we do not encourage it, if you really need to keep items temporarily in the library you should place them in these spots, however we do ask that you clear the desks if you are out for anything more than a short break.

We know that the HOT DESKS policy can sometimes be frustrating, but it does work and we do get positive feedback that it helps to keep stress down.


everyone can hear you talk

In the Jerwood Library noise travels easily and everyone can hear you talk. Please be considerate to other students who are studying and don’t chat in the Jerwood Library. If you wish to have a conversation then please leave the Library building so that those who are studying are not disturbed.


Vacation loan books are due back on Thursday 27th April; however books can now be renewed for the Easter term.

The normal two week term time loan period is now back in place for new loans.

If you have reached the renewal limit please bring the books to Dominique or Sophie and we can discharge and reissue the items to you for the Easter term.



To encourage breaks and hydration this term the Library will be offering Juice and Biscuits out on the terrace at 3:00-3:45pm every Tuesday and Thursday beginning on Tuesday 2nd May.



We have been ordering lots of new books on study skills to help you with essay writing and exam revision. Some of these books can be found on the new books display in the Entrance Hall and more books can be found in our study skills section on the Mezzanine Floor, classmark 371.

You can see other new additions to the Jerwood Library on our LibraryThing New Books page here:


To help you to manage stress during exam term we have added some new books to our Welfare Collection on the Lower Ground Floor. You can now also browse the Welfare Collection online on our LibraryThing Welfare page here:


It is important to take regular breaks when you are studying so why not de-stress and colour in? We have an exciting selection of A4 pages available on each floor of the Jerwood Library that you can help yourself to.


The Jerwood Library Survey is Live! — 03/03/2017

The Jerwood Library Survey is Live!


We want to hear from you!

Please check your inbox now for the

survey link …

Every Lent term we run a survey to give you the opportunity to provide us with feedback about the Jerwood Library.

The survey is aimed at all users (and non-users) of the Library and helps us to understand how well the Library Service at Trinity Hall is meeting your needs and how you feel about key Library issues. Your feedback is anonymous and it will help us to maintain and improve the service that we offer to you.

The survey is short and it should only take you 5-10 minutes to complete.

Most importantly, by filling in the survey you have the chance of winning some fabulous prizes (whooooh!). Have your say and you will be entered in a prize draw to win a £30 Amazon voucher or a travel mug and chocolates. Check your inbox now for your chance to win and to help us improve your library experience.


Please complete the survey by Sunday 12th March.

Should you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at or speak to a member of Library Staff. We look forward to reading your thoughts on the Jerwood Library and we will provide you with feedback on all of the issues raised next term.